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Rabu, April 10, 2013

Chord Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim

Intro: Dm  C Bb – C Dm (x4)

(*Dm 8va, one octave higher, 13 Fret – treble strings,1st,2nd,3th)
*Dm…          D5…
D5                                     D5 – D#5-F5-D5
  (Shh, quiet, you might piss somebody off)

                                              D5 – D#5-F5-D5
Like me motherf~ker you`ve been at it for too long

                                  D5 – D#5-F5-D5
While you feed off others insecurities

                                                D5 – D#5-F5-D5
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds

(+)  Self righteousness is wearing thin

                                 D5 – D#5-F5-D5
(Lies inside your head your best friend)

                       D#5-F5 - D5
I`ll bleed but not for f e l l o w man

(Broken glass, your fake reflection)


Dm                                    C/E
   Telling them its all for something real

Don`t respect the words you’re speaking

Gone too far


                D5                 D#5-D5
So, how does it feel to know that someone`s kid

                   D#5-D5                       D5
in the heart of America has blood on their hands

fighting to defend your rights

so you can maintain the lifestyle

       D5                 D#5-D5
that insults his families existence

      D5                D#5-D5                D5
Well, where I come from we   have a special salute

              D#5-D5               D5
waved high in the  air to all those

pompous assholes who spend their days pointing fingers

(F~ You!)


Like the heartbeat

                                     D5 – D#5-F5-D5
of this country when antagonized too long

I`ll be damned if you count me

D5 –  D#5-F5-D5
in as part of  your generous hypocrisy

              D5 – D#5-F5-D5
collected and amazed

                  D#5 - F5 - D5
Tabloid gossip we want less real

                           D5 – D#5-F5-D5
(There`s no need for us to bury you)

                D5 – D#5-F5-D5
Selfish agenda, once again

(Right this way, you dug your own grave)

Back to: Chorus

D#5-D5                D5
All  the way from the east to the west

We’ve got this high society

        D#5-D5        D5
looking down on their very foundation

D#5-D5                                  D#5-D5
Constantly reminding us that our actions

                     D5            D#5-D5
are the cause of all their problems

                         D5              D#5-D5
pointing their fingers in every direction

                  D5     D#5-D5
Blaming their own nation for who wins elections

           D5            F5     D5
They never contributed a f~king thing

to the country they love to critize

Excuse the obscene

Ignore the untrue

Depictions we see

Bb                 Bb/G#
Try and get through

         Gm       –      Cm
And many mistakes can hurt

D7-9                   G
I`m not the last but I sure ain`t the first

Interlude: Cm  F  Bb – Bb/G#  Gm – Cm  A7-9 – A

D#5-D5    D5   D#5-D5   D#5-D5          

             D5    D#5-D5  
(Shh, quiet, you might piss somebody off)

Interlude: D#5-D5 | D5 D#5-D5 (x4) | G#5-G5 |

G5  G#5-G5 (x3) | G5  G#5-C#5-C5 |

C5  C#5-C5 (x3) | C5  Bb5-A5 | Bb5  Bb5-A5 (x4) | D5

Back to: (+), Chorus
Coda: Dm   C/E   Bb   A   *Dm…

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